For many years, there was a lack of logistical information coming from headquarters regarding the in-store demonstrations at Market Basket. A simple notification from Market Basket headquarters was sent via email to the individual store manager mentioning a demo would be taking place soon. The notification did not include any pertinent information, such as product, timing, staff, etc. This lack of information caused most store managers to refuse the demos as they were unaware they were taking place until the last minute.


As the exclusive in-store demonstration company for Market Basket, C.A. Courtesy was challenged with making demonstrations become successful. Ultimately, they needed to find a better way to communicate the logistics of the weekly demos to each of the stores.


C.A. Courtesy streamlined and enhanced the notification process by recommending a form be generated and sent out to each of the stores one week prior to the demo. This form would identify all products involved in the demo including Market Basket Item Code #’s, UPC #’s, the number of coupons and the value of the coupons. More importantly, this form would list each store that the demo was taking place in along with exact dates and times. It also alerted the stores of Forced Distributions (allocation) that need to be ordered by them.

The key to making this form work was the fact that it needed to come from the right source. C.A. Courtesy met with a Vice President of Market Basket, who was currently sending out the information, and urged him to adapt to this new form and process. He complied and is now sending out this form with his other weekly updates.


Since the inception of the form, there has been a major positive shift in the demos at Market Basket. Stores are no longer running out of product during demos; the demonstrators are no longer being sent home; and most importantly, the store managers now embrace having demos being conducted in their stores.