“Using C.A. Courtesy is like hiring an event planner. They are masters at coordinating all of the different details and elements which ultimately result in a successful demonstration. The team at C.A. Courtesy has a penchant to understand the needs of a demonstration from the perspective of the product, the brand and from that of the customers as well. They focused on our goals and what we were trying to achieve with the product demonstrations.

One attribute, of C.A. Courtesy, that we particularly enjoyed was their proactive approach. They discussed with us everything about the event, the product and our objective. They identified our target audience and they went all out to promote the event to get substantial footfall. The weekend turned out to be great, not just for us but for our customers as well.

I highly recommend C.A. Courtesy for any type of in-store sampling event, product demonstration or promotion, irrespective of the product and its niche. They are extremely professional, methodical and go the extra mile voluntarily.”

Jack Laurendea

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Acosta, Inc.

“I just wanted to say thank you to C.A Courtesy, as we had our best sales week to date due to the demo weekend! And on top of great demo, we received the results very quickly.”
Reggie Barrow

Sales Manager, Reggie’s Roast Coffee

“C.A. Courtesy is a true partner. They are hands on from beginning to end. They not only execute programs, but they help develop them and bring them to life.”
Dave McLean

Operations Manager, Market Basket

“I just have to purchase my Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon Cereal weekly or bi-weekly. This purchase has now become part of my buying habit! And we have to give C.A. Courtesy Demos the honor, glory and praise because without their demo & feature of this product, I would never have thought twice about purchasing it!”
Kathie Janusz