Promotional Event Staffing


If you’ve ever been caught short-handed at a trade show or promotional event, you know the frantic pace of trying to hand out giveaways to the big crowd that just stopped at your booth at the same time you’re talking with your best customer. You’ve run out of brochures 10 minutes after your marketing person went to lunch, taking key to the cabinet with her.

Understaffing and mis-staffing a trade show booth can cause headaches for even the most prepared marketers. But promotional event staffing strategy could alleviate these problems, saving you the hassles and headaches of a staffing a booth while still letting you do what you came there to do: talk to customers and close sales, not refill brochure holders and hand out pens.

We’ve worked with many clients who have done trade shows and promotional events in the past, trying to get enough volunteers from around the office to help out, leaving the marketing staff to undertake the whole thankless task. As a result, a booth or event sometimes goes understaffed, which leads to all kinds of problems, which leaves a bad taste in the customer’s mouth.

C.A. Courtesy is a full-services event marketing firm that can help you manage your promotional event staffing needs. Even if it’s a booth hostess, trade show traffic manager, or even food demonstrator, our promotional event staffing strategy will cover every aspect of your special event, from the time the doors open to the time the last visitor leaves.

And if you need help organizing an entire special event, we can help you there too. We’ve spent the last 23 years years organizing promotional events and special occasions for companies, helping them generate excitement for their brand, and bringing their name and product to life for their customers. We can arrange the venue, set up the equipment, help you promote the event, manage the crowds, and clean it all up in the end.

We will work with your marketing team to plan your promotional event, figure out your staffing needs, and create a strategy to increase the effectiveness of your reach and win the hearts of your customers, making them raving fans.