Food Marketing Services


A food demonstration event is a great way to get your new product known throughout New England. Rather than putting your product on the shelves or relying solely on advertising and traditional marketing, a food marketing services company like C.A. Courtesy can take your product out to where the people are. This not only helps people associate your product with something enjoyable — their surroundings and experience — but it also improves your brand recognition when people are back in the stores, and see your product on the shelves.


Imagine showing your new product during a food demonstration in a New England summer festival or fair. Since New England is a hotbed of festivals and fairs, you can’t possibly make every one, or even visit a fraction of them. This is where we can help. Basically, we provide you with food demonstrators who act as brand ambassadors, promoting your brand and your product to buyers.

C.A. Courtesy handles all sorts of food marketing services for our clients, including food sampling and food demonstrations. We learn your product, memorize it, and become an expert on it. We ask the right questions so we can answer them for the people who stop by your food demonstration stand.

As specialists in event marketing, we know all the ins and outs of organizing a successful food demonstration event. The high points to hit, the pitfalls to avoid. We know what works, what doesn’t, and what is right for your food demonstrations.

Whether it’s a golf tournament, a grand opening, or even a trade show, our staff of experts can serve you well and make sure your brand and your product are presented in the best possible light.

But we’re not limited to just fairs and other established events. As a full-service food marketing services firm, we can also organize and create original events. From start to finish, we can arrange the venue, set up the equipment, help you market the event, manage the crowds, and clean it all up in the end.

Some of our past events have included guerilla marketing events, street teams, and kids nights, but we’ll help you come up with your own unique event, making sure it’s the best it can be.