Boston Walgreen’s Sampling Event

Boston Walgreen's Sampling Event

Last week C.A. Courtesy held an uplifting demonstration at the Flagship Walgreens in Boston, MA. The newly opened store received much help with a dedicated and energetic team interacting with customers. Offering two fantastic products, Chobani Greek Yogurt and Mikes Frozen Hard Lemonade, the store was bustling with intrigued customers. With C.A. as the product sampling company, the in store demonstration was a complete success.

Chobani Greek Yogurt is made with only natural ingredients and offers a wide variety of flavors. Not everyone has an acquired taste for Greek yogurt, but it can be enjoyed by all. Choosing one with chocolate or fruit will give you a burst of sweetness, and adding granola or nuts is highly recommended. Healthy cultures and low sugar makes this a beneficial and tasty delight, which many fellow patrons dove into during our demonstration.

Mike's Hard Lemonade came out with the current trend of pouching and freezing their beverages. Hand held 10oz packages holds the popular drink, normally contained in glass bottles. Using these little packages, they created a smoothie like cold drink, perfect for hot summer days. Let's just say they flew off the counters!

C.A. Courtesy can offer several services. As a retail marketing partner C.A. can improve sales by planning and establishing demonstration events in heavily visit stores like Market Basket and Home Depot. One of our employees, called a brand ambassador, is then sent to promote and provide samples of the product(s). C.A. Courtesy is a leading product sampling company driven to build long term relationships with companies. Our goal is expand your profits by placing a cheerful and respectful person behind your coveted merchandise. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here.

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