How Effective Are Your Retail Mobile Applications?

Countless hours spent  mastering the design and function of an application,  thousands of dollars invested in the final product and upon initial reviews, your mobile application is flawless! But is it well received by your customers?  Some retail mobile applications at first glance are too complicated for the growing population, and now you have more questions than downloads occurring.

C.A. Courtesy has a fully equipped digital team who has mastered the trouble shooting solutions your company and its apps might need. We provide bandwidth support for answering customer questions and downloading techniques.

Recently we've set out on a mission to help retailers increase downloads, app usage and customer training.  At store level we’re able to assist customers with app downloads and answer any questions they may have.  If you’re interested in having trained and educated brand ambassadors attend your in-store product promotions in one weekend or as part of an ongoing engagement please contact Scott Bishop at

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