Brand Ambassador Jobs


Becoming a brand ambassador means you get to bring smiles to not only people’s faces, but bellies too! Customer service at its best, everyone enjoys sampling a product before buying it and many discover something new. If you are a people person this is the job for you. C.A. Courtesy loves hiring enthusiastic, professional, and well organized individuals.

C.A. Courtesy is a nation wide company who offers in store demonstrations for companies products. Their mission is to help promote and market merchandise in order to boost profits. Unknown to many, C.A Courtesy exclusively manages the sampling department in well known stores such as, Market Basket, Duane Reade and Stop & Shop. The brand ambassador jobs are the face of the company. As the demonstrator, you’ll get to explain the products in detail and offer customers a sample. Engaging in conversation is key to connecting with fellow patrons and can be a fun and rewarding experience. Testimonies on the website reveal an outstanding company who has a repertoire with not only clients, but employees too. Looking to attain a brand ambassador job?




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